Gain maximum visibility and security for your indoor assets

Monitors Temperature 

Monitors the temperature of your perishables to provide you with alert notifications, ensuring that you are aware of any changes in temperature that might affect the quality of your perishables.

Locate all your indoor assets

Provides a real-time locating system to increase your operational efficiency by knowing where all your indoor assets are located in real time.

Detects vibration 

Collects vibration data to provide actionable insights so that you can identify any anomalies before they lead to major asset performance issues that reduce your operational efficiency.

How the Indoor Asset Monitoring solution can help your business

Using a combination of a WiFi enabled cloud gateway and Bluetooth enabled sensor beacons, you can set up a comprehensive solution to monitor your indoor assets. The sensor beacons are used as temperature, location and vibration sensors and are connected to the cloud gateway device. The cloud gateway device will need to be connected to your WiFi network in order to transmit the data to the cloud.

Cloud Gateway 

The cloud gateway device connects to your secure business WiFi network and requires a plug point to supply power to the cloud gateway device (hence no charging is required).


The beacons connect to your cloud gateway device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, allowing it to fully manage the collection of data from the sensors. The sensors are capable of detecting 3 measurements: temperature, location and vibration.

Solution Platform 

A cloud-based solutions platform collects data from the sensors, allowing it to help you manage all your indoor assets and get alert notifications when certain incidents or occurrences are detected. You can also use a mobile app to access the solutions platform.

Gain maximum visibility and security for your indoor assets

Real-time monitoring
Digitalise asset-tracking with real-time alerts, plus condition and location data--all available online via web or mobile without the hassle of wires.

Identify potential issues quickly
Get actionable insights that help you mitigate further loss, by predicting or foreseeing any condition changes that could negatively impact your goods.

Granular monitoring and control
Be in complete control of all your assets, identifying items or goods anywhere, anytime by package-level.

Easy setup and scalable
Quick to deploy for various business scenarios and scalable for future growth and measurable ROI.

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