Ensure consumers have a great experience enjoying our communications services.

Help build a resilient network. We understand our wireless and wired network requirements, both for today and the future. We develop the architectural, network design and product proposals to deliver on these requirements. We create the execution plans for such implementations, and manage the implementation of these plans.

Build a great radio capability on our network. We manage the policies, capacities and forecast of our current, and future network radio needs. We design the coverage development and radio optimisation plans and deliver them in an orderly manner; to ensure our consumers will only receive superior network experience.

Move massive amount of network traffic. We manage end-to-end network transport architecture, from planning to the execution stage. We ensure our services are up to required standards, and manage our customer's complaints efficiently. We plan and optimize transport development costs using new technologies and deployment methods.

Help innovate new products. We conduct feasibility assessment when we explore new technologies and solutions to execute new ideas for plans or services. We are always looking for what's next to take our products and services to the next level.

Help our network to continuously improve. We work with a cross-function team to review end-to-end service quality and network experience. We measure ourselves against the best standards possible. We continually work on improving our systems, processes and tools to meet those standards.

We make the network plans happen on the ground. We roll out all radio and transport network elements according to plan. We deal with our internal stakeholders, as well as, external parties such as local authorities, regulators, business partners and owners of assets we require in our efforts to offer our consumers a faster, more consistent and resilient network.

Monitor and troubleshoot our networks. We control and monitor our network and platforms to ensure its smooth and secure operations. We deliver high standards of services to ensure our customers receive minimum interruptions. We monitor and troubleshoot problems, as well as, manage activity changes on our network. We also act as account managers for certain segments of our customers.

Develop systems and tools for network improvement. We drive process management to ensure sustainable high performance of our network. We ensure all work practices and operating models in the network work well. We lead and create a continuous improvement culture. We engage with external stakeholders to customise and develop standards of Malaysia's telecommunications and broadcast industries.

Keep our network always on. We manage network routing according to the network engineering plans. We ensure new sites are delivered as required according to standards before we begin operations. We fix and deliver preventive maintenance on our equipment and facilities. We store and use spares efficiently, and we ensure our physical site is secure to prevent any network interruption.