Marketing and Product Management

Understand our products, our customers and our brand to develop the right marketing strategy.

Help us understand our customer better. We manage the processes that refine and leverage the benefits of our products and services to our customers. We help our colleagues to understand our customers better, by focusing on areas such as customer identification, contact and campaign management, customer scoring and data modelling. We make marketing targeted and personal to the customers.

Be the voice of the Maxis brand. We ensure our external image reflects our desired brand. We position our products and services to deliver our value propositions. We use deep understanding of the markets gained through researches and analysis to continually target our messages. We also ensure our desired corporate image is reflected internally in everything we do.

Deliver unmatched digital experiences. We devise effective ways to deliver our products and services online. We make it easy for our customers, business partners and the public to interact and transact with us through online channels. We focus on mobile devices and apps, as well as, ensuring all such interactions push our brand values.

Drive product development and adoption. We position our products and services to attract and engage our current and potential customers. We develop promotions and deals, choose the best channels, media and outreach programmes to reach the desired segments. We use lots of data and customer insights to understand the markets so we can target our efforts more precisely and effectively.

Help customers build global connections. We manage a portfolio of international communication and data services that serve the ever-growing number of Maxis customers who use our products abroad. We strike up win-win partnerships with international mobile service operators and ensure a great data and call experience for our globally-connected customers.

Expand our business into new territories. We understand Maxis' business needs and look for new partnership opportunities to meet those needs. We look for new territories and ideas for new business opportunities to meet our future ambitions. We leverage on our current strengths and advantages, whilst focusing on creating new revenues to complement our current businesses.

Excite customers at the point of purchase. We support our dealers who sell our products and services to our customers. We devise and deliver promotion materials, create exciting events and programmes to create strong desires for our products. We manage our channels to motivate and incentivize maximum efforts on their side to win in the market place.