Manage Maxis' finances and keep track of the company's business performance.

Keep our business on track. We set up short and long range financial plans, as well as, manage day to day financial operations and investment matters. We deal with external regulators, stakeholders and investors. We support our internal stakeholders by creating and maintaining financial policies and systems, that meet with critical rules and regulations, and which regularly keeps track of how well Maxis is doing.

Help manage our exposure to creditors. We assess financial risks to help administer our exposure to creditors. We ensure we are paid what we are due accurately and on time. We also manage the consequences of cases where these don’t happen.

Keep investors informed. We build and maintain a strong and positive relationship with external financial stakeholders, investing public and regulators. We communicate and educate them on our current conditions, as well as, our long term strategies and plans. We work to maximize Maxis' market value in the capital market to make us an attractive prospect to desired investors.

Minimise our tax liability. We keep proper records of transactions for tax returns. We maximize our tax advantages through thorough understanding of the tax policies and regulations. We work closely with Maxis' businesses and operations to ensure we are tax compliant, and look for opportunities to minimize our tax liability and exposures.

Improve our cash position. We manage our cash in the best way possible to ensure we take minimum risks against fluctuations; ultimately, to maximize our returns. We look for opportunities to get the best returns for our cash by managing risks in the money markets and balancing the short and long term plans.

Help us make sense of the numbers. We analyse business and operational data and turn them into reports that inform our product, service and operational owners on their performance against internal goals (cost and efficiencies), and external benchmarks (competitors and markets). We help them generate long term operational planning and form budgeting process.